1.  Creative in teaching methods – People who think outside the box often do a stellar job teaching special education. The ability to find new ways to explain and demonstrate subject matter is often the single most effective characteristic a special teacher can possess. Bringing creativity into the classroom will have the benefit of enriching your classroom environment as well. This is another one of the great qualities of a special education teacher which is also give in sanskar educational group.

2. Monthly parents’ teachers meeting – Parent Teacher Meeting or Parent Teacher Conferences play an important role in enhancing a child’s education. Often dreaded by children, parent teacher meeting is an effective way for parents and teachers to interact and discuss about their child’s progress. Parents on the other hand can play an active role in their child’s education and can further encourage and influence their child to do well in school. So the Sanskar Group necessarily organizes the meeting at least once every month.

 3. Attractive and secure Campus – Sanskar Group is always committed to provide an environmentally friendly environment to its students and parents and better exam results. All practical products are provided along with all types of sports equipment, computers and science labs. Sanskar Group provides attractive and excessive collection of books for all its staff along with staff room, prayer room for students and music class. Highly Technical Observation System. We are observed to all our department with high technology process, include also “DVR System, Child Tracking System, Vehicle Tracking System, Quick Message Facility.

4. Computer Education – We are provide Basic and highly technical teaching of our students. Computers & Educationaims to increase knowledge and understanding of ways in which digital technology can enhance education, through the publication of high-quality research, which extends theory and practice.

 5. Transparent Evaluation System For Students – Our evaluation process similarly and highly with Board level exams. Because our work is running in multi academic units and monthly evolution done by group.

 6. Higher Education With Indian Culture – Some English medium schools are managed only “English climate” in his/her students and it is not satisfying results for his/her future. But we are developed well attitude in our students for 21st centuries higher education with Indian culture.

7. School Magazine – We want to developed all types of qualities in our students. So, it’s purpose we are published our school magazine “SANSKAR VATIKA”. This literature unit is published with wonderful articles in 15000 copies on terminal mode for students, parents, teachers and vatika members.

8. Approach in National Level Achievements – Our best achievements on national level games. Per year we archive national awards with indoor and outdoor games.

9. Regular Educational Tour – Our group is providing one educational tour per year, because education tours are very important for the overall development of a student. It gives them an opportunity to learn from their own experiences and from the experience of others. For Ex.- When a student visits a historic place and learns about the history of that place, it feels as if he is seeing the historic events from his own eyes. We also learn from the mistakes that were done by historic characters.