Sanskar Public Academy Kothri

Sanskar Public Academy Kothari
According to the guidelines of the founder of the organization Shri Bhojraj ji Carpenter
(By Shridurgaprasad Carpenter Education Committee) Institution as its 9th academic unit in the closet – Sanskar Public Academy Kothari
was started.

Brief Introduction: Sanskar Public Academy, closet started its journey in the session – 2014-15 with 210 children in the building of Shri Gajraj Singh Ji Verma with 09 teachers/teachers under the direction of Shri Mukesh Ji Verma.
Among the various educational institutions in the closet, Sanskar Public Academy established a different name in the appropriate area on the basis of its work in the first year itself.

The organization is on the path of development, trying to make the dreams of the parents fly high while embodying its motto “Higher Education with Indian Culture”, in the session-2021-22 today Sanskar is marching in the closet with 540 students. Is.

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