About Group

                  Education is necessary to provide stability to success. The basis of rendering of sacraments is the correct knowledge of moral values. True knowledge is included in the practical form of education, through which we are able to take meaningful and clear decisions and through that we can present the ideals of sacramental life. That is, both education and values need to be adjusted in the students.

                  Presently, teaching work is being done by the Sanskar family with 6000+ students and 400+ members in 12 educational units at various places in Shajapur, Rajgarh, Dewas and Sehore districts. The school magazine Sanskar Vatika as a literary unit and the Sanskar Seva Samiti as a social service unit are providing their unique services. 

               By adjusting the suggestions and experiences received by the Sanskar family from different regions, the work is being done to establish symmetry in teaching and assistive learning, whose benefits are definitely being received by the students and parents of Sanskar.